How do Internet Work

I’ll be giving simple explanation on the internet.

 If we look at present world you’ll see most people access and use internet everyday activities, whether from their phone or internet cafe. Internet which is also known as the net, is a worldwide collection of computer networks (a network of networks) shearing digital information through a common set of networking and software protocols. People might be asking what is “network”. Jachitech will give you a little information to understand his topic. A computer network is basically a branch of computers hooked together to communicate effectively. Simply speaking, internet is the world largest computer network, the network of networks, scattered all over the world. It is a system in which computers are networked (connected) together, so that can shear information, thus creating a virtual area called Cyberspace.  It’s a goal was create a method for widely separated computers to transfer date efficiently even in the event of a nuclear attack

I’m going to show you two ways in which internet is being group:  

1.Interconnected physically

2.Capable of communicating and shearing data with each other

3.Able to act as a single network

Machines on one network can communicate with machines on other networks, and send date, files and other information back and forth. For this to work, the networks and machines that are part of internet have to agree either to  the same programming language  you might like to learn, when they are communicating or use an “interpreter”. This “language” is Software that enables the different types of machines to communicate and exchange information. The software must be understood by machine and networks, knowing the Brief History of internet and must follow a set of rules or protocol. The Internet uses the TPC/IP protocol or internet with TCP/IP network via gateway (the interpreter).

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